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libfsqca is a cross-platform, reusable library that implements crisp- and fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), as described in Ragin's The Comparative Method (1987) and Redesigning Social Inquiry (2008). libfsqca and its assorted frontends are currently under active development. libfsqca is written in Python2.

Mailing List

For release annoucements, please subscribe to libfsqca-annouce. This is a low-traffic, read-only mailing list.

Technical Support

For help, please see the documentation. You may also email Claude at <cjr@grundrisse.org>.


We use Mercurial for revision control. You can examine the repositories at http://grundrisse.org/hg/. To clone a repository, simply append the project to the URL:

  $ hg clone http://grundrisse.org/hg/libfsqca
  $ hg clone http://grundrisse.org/hg/acq

The bug tracker is at http://grundrisse.org/roundup.cgi/bugs/.


libfsqca is free software. Most of the code is licensed under the AGPL3, with certain portions released under the MIT license.

Claude Rubinson <cjr@grundrisse.org>
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