The Qualitative Comparative Analysis Add-on for Google Sheets enables functions for:

The add-on also installs two menu items for validating fuzzy data sets:

This add-on is designed to complement existing QCA software and therefore does not provide routines for the construction and reduction of QCA truth tables, offer sophisticated necessity testing, etc. Rather, the idea is that researchers can use Google Sheets to manage and calibrate their data and for preliminary investigation, importing it into external QCA software for further, in-depth analysis.

Installation and Usage Notes

You may install the add-on either through the Chrome webstore or from within Google Sheets by opening a spreasheet, selecting "Add-ons -> Get Add-ons," and searching for "QCA."

The =CALIBRATE function accepts three required arguments (the upper threshold, crossover point, and lower threshold) and one optional parameter. Set the optional paramter to true if your uncalibrated measure is coded such that lower values indicate increasing degrees of set membership. Example 1: using BMI to measure "degree of membership in the set of skinny people." Example 2: using the Gini coefficient to measure "degree of equality."

Three variants of the consistency measure are provided. Specify "raw", "pri", or "sym" as an optional third parameter to choose the variant. The default is to compute raw consistency.

If you have any questions, please contact Claude Rubinson at <>.