gtt - display QCA truth table


gtt [-y FILE]


gtt is a graphical viewer for truth tables, as produced by acq's suf. The user is able to edit the Outcome column by **double-clicking on the cell. All other columns are read-only.

You can export your edits by clicking the "Export" button, which will allow you to save the truth table as plain text. The exported truth table can be read into suf via the -e flag.

By default, gtt allows you to sort by a single column at a time (as is conventional in spreadsheets and spreadsheet-like applications). The "Compound Sort" option allows you to sort by multiple columns (e.g., first by column A, then by column C, then by column E). The filter function allows you to restrict the display to a subset of the available rows.


-y, --input=FILE

Read input from FILE; when FILE is -, read standard input

-g, --debug

Echo logging info to console

-h, --help

Display help and exit

-v, --version

Output version information and exit


bq(1), concov(1), consist(1), nec(1), suf(1)