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Kirq includes sophisticated necessity testing. Specify your outcome and select the causal conditions that you wish to test, then set your consistency and coverage thresholds and click "Analyze." Kirq produces a consistency and coverage table (or "concov table," for short) that reports all causal combinations that are consistent with necessity.

Think of these terms as "candidate" necessary conditions. It is ultimately incumbent upon you, as the researcher, to determine whether it makes theoretical and substantive sense to conclude that one or more of these conditions are necessary for the outcome. To aid this process, Kirq lists the consistency and coverage scores of each term (sometimes called a "recipe"), along with the observations covered by the recipe. The solution row at the bottom of the screen lists the consistency and coverage score for the complete solution of all candidate recipes ANDed together.

(Tip: The rows of the concov table can be dragged and rearranged, to facilitate comparisons. You can also rearrange individual terms by double-clicking on the recipe.)

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