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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
120 3 weeks ago (Kirq) FileNotFound error when loading session and data set file moved/renamed chatting cjr christopher
121 3 weeks ago (Kirq) Error dialogs are named "kirq" (lowercase) chatting cjr christopher
127 3 weeks ago Deleting Truth Table Causes Stack Trace (stokke/Y) chatting christopher christopher
83 5 months ago Drag/Drop from history has no Pixmap (Windows 32) unread christopher christopher
86 7 months ago Deleting history item leaves currently viewed table in window unread christopher christopher
119 14 months ago (Kirq) If truth table already generated, don't regenerate chatting cjr christopher
85 16 months ago Kirq.exe icon is the python logo? chatting christopher cjr
109 24 months ago (Kirq) Handle changed datasets chatting cjr christopher
102 24 months ago (Kirq) Kirq application name is lowercase on OSX KirqST build unread cjr cjr
80 25 months ago (libfsqca) Handle embedded spaces properly chatting cjr cjr
57 30 months ago (Kirq) Gtt instances in session/history chatting cjr christopher
126 13 months ago Implement option to specify max number of conditions in necessity recipes unread cjr cjr
115 13 months ago (Kirq) Print warning for dropped observations chatting cjr cjr
24 14 months ago (gtt) - rapidly recode the outcome column for blocks of consecutive rows chatting christopher christopher
124 14 months ago (Kirq) Analyze subsets of data sets (i.e., filtered data) unread cjr christopher
123 14 months ago (Kirq) Add filtering and multi-sort to dataset view unread cjr christopher
32 21 months ago (concov) - sliding animation in recipe editor chatting christopher christopher
116 5 months ago Consider adding script for set coincidence unread cjr cjr
118 13 months ago (Kirq) Preferences for default settings and keybindings chatting cjr christopher
51 13 months ago (Kirq) Use splitter between table and control panel chatting cjr christopher
74 13 months ago (kirq, gtt, concov) Add printer dialog chatting cjr christopher
97 13 months ago (Kirq, gtt, concov) Make working directory sticky/configurable chatting cjr cjr
122 14 months ago (Kirq, concov, gtt) Copy and paste from tables chatting cjr christopher
60 21 months ago (Gtt) - Single click editing outcome column unread christopher christopher
44 21 months ago (Gtt) - Always show combo box in Outcome column chatting christopher christopher
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