Title (Kirq) Print warning for dropped observations
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I need to figure out how to handle this issue
msg397 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2012-11-06.03:43:01
Using the attached dataset, here's the output from a suf run:

Term                 Consist RawCov UniqCov ObsConsist ObsInconsist
DEV*urb*LIT*ind*STB+    0.80   0.27    0.20 FI;IE      -           
DEV*URB*LIT*IND*STB     0.89   0.41    0.35 CZ;NL;UK   -           
Solution                0.86   0.61      NA NA         NA          
/usr/local/bin/suf: Warning: Observations with 0.5 corner membership were
dropped: BE

Kirq needs to also output this same warning, or something comparable.  I should
have caught this a long time ago, but didn't.  Sorry about that.  I'm not really
sure how to implement this, but this is a really important warning that we need
to highlight for the user (so it can't just be part of a log statement that the
user may or may not see).  It doesn't mean that anything's wrong with the
analysis per se; it's just a bit of unexpected behavior that we want to draw
their attention to.  (And it has to do with the basic QCA algorithms, so it's
not like we can fix the problem elsewhere.)

I don't know how this should be implemented.  One possibility would be to
implement the entire warning as part of the concov window.  But perhaps it could
be done as some sort of flag icon that displays as part of the session history.
 Or maybe there's another way to do it.  I'd welcome any suggestions or ideas
that you have.
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