Title (Kirq) Preferences for default settings and keybindings
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msg442 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2013-06-14.19:08:10
(I'm reassigning this issue as wishlist because it's not anything that's essential.)

Take a look at how Okular handles keyboard shortcut assignment (under Settings
-> Configure Shortcuts).  I wonder if this might be a good and easy way to
handle preference settings (and keyboard shortcuts?!?) within Kirq?

It seems pretty clear that all that's going on is that they've embedded into
Okular a tree of all configurable keyboard shortcuts and their default settings.
 Then they just have a user-interface that reads this tree and permits users to
assign their own keyboard shortcuts.  I'm thinking that we could do the same
thing for both default settings and shortcuts--with the preferences tree having
one branch for settings and another for shortcuts.  Perhaps the tree would even
have separate branches for necessity settings vs sufficiency settings.  This
would avoid having to redo the GUI interface every time a new parameter or
keybinding is added.
msg402 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2013-03-21.04:26:00
Can we add a preferences tab (or maybe two tabs--one for necessity settings and
one for sufficiency settings?) that allows the user to specify the default
settings for each of the thresholds (e.g., the necessity consistency threshold,
the sufficiency consistency threshold, the simplification level, etc.)?  Current
defaults can stay where they are, except that the default reduction level should
probably be "Complex Solution."
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