Title (Kirq, concov, gtt) Copy and paste from tables
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msg429 (view) Author: christopher Date: 2013-05-16.16:42:49
I will look into it. I have read things about this on PyQt mailing
list recently and I am pretty sure it's possibly to even copy
directly into Excel spreadsheets from the table in our view, though
there are limits on how long it can be.
msg426 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2013-05-16.05:08:53
Would it be possible to add the ability to copy and paste from the applications'
various tables (gtt or concov)?  Currently, the user can only copy from those
windows that list observations.  The user can of course export the tables to
text, but I've been finding myself corresponding with people over email and
really wishing for the ability to simply copy a table directly into, e.g., an MS
Word document or an email.  I have no idea how easy or difficult this may be to
implement, especially with regard to making it behave with different types of
applications (e.g., a Word document or plain text).
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