Title (Kirq) Analyze subsets of data sets (i.e., filtered data)
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msg428 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2013-05-16.05:23:36
This is a feature request that we'll want to take up at the same time that we
rework the session history.

When running a QCA analysis, I find that more and more often, I want to run the
analysis on different subsets of the data set.  So, for example, I might have a
data set of 100 people but decided that I want to run separate analyses for
Whites vs Blacks vs Latinos, or Men vs Women.  Right now, what I have to do is
create the separate data sets.  But once the filter is added to the data set
table (see bug report #123), we could simply pass the filtered data set to the
necessity or sufficiency analysis.  I expect that implementing this won't be too

But what we need to think about is the user-interaction model, and how to convey
this information to the user.  The most visible issue will be--how do we
represent/indicate a filtered dataset in the session history?  The lineage
should convey the active filter, which will help.  And the user will be able to
rename the session item if they wish.  But we'll still need someway to convey
the different subsets in the session history.
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