Title (Gtt) - Always show combo box in Outcome column
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Created on 2011-07-10.21:51:28 by christopher, last changed by cjr.

msg243 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2011-12-14.00:31:26
I'm reprioritizing this issue as wish
msg128 (view) Author: christopher Date: 2011-07-28.18:55:29
Ok, I reverted back to the old style except it only takes a single click. Is 
this ok?

One drawback of opening a true persistent editor in a cell is that when it 
starts getting to higher numbers ( > 25 ) you start to notice it taxing your 
system quite a bit. I think if we expect people to open quite large data sets 
then we really should not have the actual widget open there at all times.

I have reverted the changes and if I come across a solution that can accommodate 
large data sets then I will implement.
msg117 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2011-07-24.21:40:15
Hmm...  Having to click to focus and then click again to select really "feels"
like a bug to me.  If it's not possible to single click to change the outcome
value, I think that reverting to the previous behavior (double-click to change
state) would be better.
msg106 (view) Author: christopher Date: 2011-07-12.21:48:13
This is completed in changeset 7500c5bcd7b2
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