Title (Kirq, gtt, concov) Make working directory sticky/configurable
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msg438 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2013-06-07.02:18:01
Look into this and see if it's still an issue.
msg325 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2012-06-26.18:40:54
Sounds good.  Let's both see what we can figure out over the next week
or so.
msg322 (view) Author: christopher Date: 2012-06-26.02:55:27
For now I just implemented the minimum described in your second

I'm not so sure about user configuration yet. I agree that we should
look at how some other applications act. If anything catches my eye I
will point you to it. Let me know if you want me to modify the
msg321 (view) Author: cjr Date: 2012-06-25.20:11:52
Currently, when opening/saving/exporting a file or table, Kirq, gtt, and concov
all default to using the user's working directory (at least on Linux; we should
see how it works on Windows and OSX).  So, for example, if my $PWD is
/home/cjr/foo when I launch Kirq, that will be the default directory for all
subsequent file actions (e.g., open file, save/load session, export table). 
This can be annoying if the data sets, output, etc are in other directories.

We should look at some other programs to see how they handle this, but at a
minimum, I think that we would probably want to make the working directory
sticky so that if a user opens a data set from ~/bar, ~/bar is automatically
opened the next time that a File Open/Save dialog is invoked.

I'm also wondering if there are aspects of this that should be user
configurable?  For example, the user might be able to specify a default working
directory of $HOME, the last used directory, or some other directory.  Again--we
should look at some other programs to see how they deal with this issue.  There
might be other settings here that should also be configurable.
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