QCA Software

Analysis and Calibration

  • Kirq - software for conducting Qualitative Comparative Analysis
  • fuzz - a function for MS Excel and OOo/LO Calc that implements the "direct method" of calibrating fuzzy sets
  • fsgof - Eliason and Stryker's goodness-of-fit test for fuzzy-set analysis

Visualization Software and Templates

Please see Rubinson (2019) Presenting QCA for an extended discussion of visualization techniques and presentation standards.

  • galois - Unix shell script to generate Galois lattices, using DOT (Graphviz) language
  • tt2mat - Unix shell script to convert acq and Kirq truth tables to affiliation matrix (Galois lattice) format
  • xyplotenh.gp - Gnuplot template for (enhanced) XY plots

The site Euler Diagrams (University of Kent) offers a number of software programs for drawing set diagrams. The most useful for QCA researchers are:

  • eulerAPE - Area-proportional 3-set Euler diagrams, developed by Luana Micallef and Peter Rodgers
  • Euler3 Applet - Exact 3 Set Area-Proportional Euler Diagrams with Circles and Convex Curves, developed by Peter Rodgers, Gem Stapleton, Jean Flower and John Howse